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The author, right, with her father.

My dad had many creative ways to save money, including zig-zagging all over NYC to avoid road tolls.
Growing up, I learned the value of money from him, and I’ve applied his lessons over and over.
When I wanted to buy a house, I slashed my spending and took on side gigs to save a down payment.

Whether it was sitting by the meter as a kid so he wouldn’t have to waste the dime or zig-zagging all over New York City to avoid ever paying a road toll, my father’s habits have taught me a lot about how to save and use money wisely. 

Growing up during the Great Depression, the son of immigrant parents, he learned about the value of money and instilled it in his own children. Following in my father’s careful footsteps has allowed me to afford two homes and a new car, all on a teacher’s salary. 

So, how did I do it? It’s simple, I mimicked my father. Well, for some things anyway.

My dad’s habits rubbed off on me

Even though San Remo was the first card in our Rolodex, we never got their pizza delivered. That would mean paying a tip. So we’d order a large pie instead and one of us (usually me) would walk over and pick it up. We did this for all our takeout. It may seem like such a small thing, but I learned early on to be careful with money. That if you …read more

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