Smoking weed and drinking alcohol are two things some people enjoy doing. Another thing people often enjoy doing? Having sex. And, as many people already know, combining one of the two former pastimes with the latter comes with specific pros and cons.

If you compare high sex to drunk sex, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference: Some people enjoy smoking a pre-date joint, while others prefer a glass of wine. And plenty of people out there don’t like how it feels to be high or drunk. Everyone knows what works best for their own bodies. (And oftentimes, that means not combining weed and alcohol if they want to avoid nausea and “the spins.”)

“My general feeling is that alcohol is kind of a poison,” says Jordan Tishler, MD, an expert on Cannabis therapeutics. “In small doses, some people find it enjoyable, but it tends to make sex worse.”

Of course, whether you’re getting high or drunk for sex (or anything), the most important thing to remember is that moderation is key. But, when it comes to mixing these substances with sex, how do weed and alcohol really differ? Here are six things to know about combining weed or alcohol with sex.

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Some studies suggest that, when the THC in cannabis binds to your cannabinoid receptors, this affects emotional processing by reducing negative bias, so you’re more likely to see things in a positive way. Using cannabis shortly before sex can increase your empathy and emotional connection with your partner, Dr. Tishler says. “Even lusty, one-night stand sex is about making some sort of …read more

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