Shonda Rhimes & Co. delivered one of their all-time shockers last night on Scandal Season 6 Episode 11, which is sure saying something.

After last week’s parallel-universe diversion and figuring out where Huck is, we finally got the answer to the 50 million-dollar question:

Who is going to be president?

Watch Scandal Season 6 Episode 11 Online

If you watch Scandal online, you know the episode titles are often telling, and this long-awaited installment was certainly no exception.

The “Trojan Horse” is here.

With Cyrus now released from prison and poised to assume the presidency, the opposition wasn’t about to lay down and let that happen.

Mellie, the Trojan Horse, of this scenario, was their best hope to retain the White House, and she rose to power in shocking fashion.

Warning: Spoilers below …

Lizzie North was bludgeoned to death, in front of Mellie, to prove she really didn’t have much say in the matter, and well, that was that.

Again, we repeat, Elizabeth North is dead and Mellie Grant is Madame President. You may pry your jaws off of the floor at any moment.

Afterward, the actress who played Lizzie spoke out.

Portia de Rossi said in the following statement: “I am incredibly grateful for my time here at Scandal! I will miss playing Elizabeth North.”

“But I’ve made the decision to focus on a business opportunity. Shonda, Betsy and the cast have been incredibly supportive of my decision.”

“I will always love my Scandal family. I’ll be watching!”

Rhimes also released a statement: “I have been a fan of Portia’s for years and it was an honor to have her join our Scandal family.”

“Portia infused Liz North with a smart powerful vulnerable soul while also making the humor sing – and that brought all of us in the writers room a lot of …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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