There are a lot of theories about what will happen in the final seasons of Game Of Thrones, but the first photos from season 7 have got fans looking for some legitimate clues to how this will all end. And what do you know, an observant Redditor has spotted one in a photo of Cersei sitting on the iron throne with her brother Jaime by her side.

At first glance there seems to be nothing unusual going on in this particular shot where the two look rather unimpressed by it all. But Reddit user xpbso suggests you take a minute to zoom in on Jaime’s sword. Get really close to that thing, does it look familiar? Well, it should because we’ve seen that ruby adorned handle before, way back when King Joffrey was still alive and well. Yes, it’s been a while.

This Redditor believes the sword Jaime is carrying is actually the same one Joffrey uses to destroy the book his uncle Tyrion gives him on his wedding day in season 4. The user even provided a screenshot, which seems to confirm that it is in fact the same sword, which hasn’t been seen since Joffrey’s demise.

Why is all this important, you ask? Well, as Mashable reports, that sword is made of Valyrian steel and happens to be called “Widow’s Wail.” Considering that look Jaime gives Cersei at the end of season 6 it’s clear he’s not happy with what she’s done. This photo certainly doesn’t imply that Jamie is feeling anymore chipper about Cersei’s rise. Could this be a hint that Jaime will be using that sword to get rid of Cersei?

Fans have already hypothesized that Cersei will lose her life this season at the hands of someone she knows. Many have guessed it could …read more

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