It’s Money Diaries Month, and we’re publishing a new Money Diary every day of July! And every Monday we’re doing a deeper dive into our beloved Money Diaries community. Last week, we rounded up some of our favorite comments. Today, we’re sharing feedback from readers about what they do or don’t share with the people in their lives.

We wanted to know: Who is your go-to person for money matters? Friends, parents, partners, coworkers? Talking about personal finance is personal — but hopefully everyone has someone they can talk to.

Ahead, we rounded up what we learned from people about why they’re open about their financial wins and losses — or why they aren’t.

Madeline, 23
Boston, MA

“Parents, I am totally open with. Partner, I share pretty much everything as well, especially because we are in the same financial ballpark. We’re also both trying to make it all work now that we are on our own, so it helps to talk it out.

“My friends and I discuss our finances (usually when we are struggling), but we don’t discuss salary. We will also give advice on bigger purchases, or complain about the price of bills, car payments, etc.”

Danae, 29
Albany, NY

“I generally only talk about money with my one best friend. This is because I’m completely ashamed of how much I struggle every month to make ends meet. I think most people, my family included, think I’m doing great, and I’m on track to buy a house. But really I’m drowning in debt from trying to look like I’m not drowning in debt. Yearly beach trips, weekly clothes and makeup shopping, cabs everywhere, and not bringing my lunch are some of my horrible habits.

“I tell myself I deserve nice stuff because I’m a single mom who works full-time and was recently in school, but really …read more

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