Police found 245 animals in ‘deplorable living conditions’ while performing a wellness check on 3 minors

Police discovered 245 animals in a home while performing a wellness check on three minors in in Edgewater, Florida. In total, there were four dogs, two cats, nine live guinea pigs, 12 rabbits, four hamsters, 10 sugar gliders, 14 birds, a gecko, a tortoise, a hedgehog, seven bearded dragons, a leopard-spotted gecko, 95 mice, and 60 adult rats with 23 babies, police said in a statement. Officer Anthony Binz, who performed the wellness check, reported that he saw caged flea-infested animals, both dead and alive, sitting in their own feces and without food or water, he wrote in a narrative included in the charging documents. Three adults — Melissa Hamilton,… Read More

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