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LinkedIn with Windows: It was more than a year ago that LinkedIn agreed to sell itself to Microsoft for $26.2 billion, and more than six months have passed since the deal was finalized. During this whole period, not a lot has been said about Microsoft’s particular plans for its gigantic acquisition.

Well, on Monday, we got a look at something that Microsoft is doing with LinkedIn. And that is … (drumroll, please) … LinkedIn invitations showing up directly on desktop courtesy of a LinkedIn app for Windows 10. Okay, try to contain your excitement.

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In a nutshell, if you use the app, those LinkedIn invitations to connect with friends, co-workers, former co-workers, acquaintances and that guy who sold you your last set of tires will show up directly on your desktop.

There are ways to adjust the settings with the app so that you don’t get constantly blasted with notification that you don’t want, or that come from people you may not recognize. Microsoft began rolling out …read more

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