This year, as part of our Take Back The Beach program, we are asking YOU to tell us about your experiences with body talk and self-perception. Below, one reader’s story.

“It’s Okay That My Body Is Changing”

It was like, one day (specifically after I turned 30), I woke up and had bigger boobs, fleshier hips, a booty, and thighs. For all of my young adult and 20-something life, I had worn the same size. So imagine my surprise when, one day, I went to put on my size jeans and they didn’t fit. I couldn’t even get them over my thighs. Then, I started realizing that most of my shorts and jeans fit much tighter. I no longer needed a belt to hold them up — my butt was doing that. And I noticed my breasts filled out every part of my bra. No, I wasn’t pregnant; I had aged and my body had changed. It didn’t matter that I still worked out and kept the same diet. My body, like most things in life, moved on to new terrain, and I had to accept it.

For a while, I wore my same old shorts. They weren’t as roomy as they used to be, but I could squeeze into them. Denial, I think. I worked out, tried to eat less, and all the while I was in a battle between enjoying my new body and hating it. But it didn’t matter what I did. The butt, breasts, hips, and thighs demanded on staying, so I decided once and for all to welcome them.

I donated all of my old bottoms, and then went shopping for items that actually felt comfortable. Who cared that they were a size or two bigger? A number is just a number, after all. What mattered is that …read more

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