Standing in -110°C in a bikini may not sound ideal but it has its benefits, as Christine Zoliec of Monte-Carlo’s Thermes Marins explains

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Christine Zoliec

Monday, July 17, 2017 – 11:14am

In Monaco, the climate is fabulous, and there are many activities to take part in from sports to culture, so it’s a great place to unwind – whether you’re alone, in a couple or with your family. But we all know most people have very little time to take care of themselves, so at Thermes Marins we’ve devised a series of revitalising four-day wellness programmes for guests at Hotel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo.

Our most popular programme – the Potential Booster – includes cryotherapy treatment, which involves standing in two ice chambers, one at -60ºC and the other one at -110ºC. It may be extremely cold, but it’s also an amazing experience.

Many athletes use this kind of ice chamber just after a competition, as it’s very good for improving blood circulation. They often do another session one or two days later as it speeds up their recovery process and minimises muscle soreness so they can perform again more quickly. It’s also very good for people who have inflammatory diseases, as it reduces inflammation and pain, and for business people who travel a lot, as it gives you a huge boost of energy and helps to reduce jetlag and the effects of burnout.

Before going into the chamber you must ensure you’re absolutely dry – so you shouldn’t do any sport or …read more

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