In an era of digital culture — where style is diffused across phone screens and quantified in double-tapped hearts — success can be sparked with a single Tweet.

Twitter fam, need your magic! I make handmade lingerie for women of all shapes, sizes, and shades. Pls RT! A customer could be on your TL

— Skylar Marshai (@SkylarMarshai) June 28, 2017

Almost 33,000 Retweets piled up, and As You Are Intimates was flooded with orders. 20-year-old Skylar Marshai’s completely customized, affordable lingerie label had reached a massive audience. Now, she needed to meet a tsunami of demand.

Photo by Frederic Georges

Lingerie marketing is often rooted in the concept of transformation: Corsets constrain, teddies conceal, and push-up bras fight gravity to hoist breasts skyward. In comparison, the concept of undergarments that leaves the wearer “as [they] are” is unusual. And an intimates company that celebrates women’s unfiltered bodies? Now that’s just radical.

20-year-old Skylar Marshai has been designing clothing since she was in high school, switching her focus to intimates when she moved to New York to study at Parsons. Her new project would be guided by the criticism raised by her loved ones and customers over the years, as well as her own frustrating experiences shopping for “nude” intimates as a woman of color.

“I’ve always been big on mixing my purpose and passion,” she tells Refinery29. “My passion is, of course, business and design, but I feel my purpose and the reason I’m kind of here, amongst many, is to empower women, support women, and give back to women in any sense of the word. What better way to give back to women than through an article of clothing that makes women face themselves and face their bodies, and embrace themselves in that organic way?”

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