Guy Verhofstadt

LONDON — Jeremy Corbyn should be part of the UK’s Brexit negotiating team after Theresa May lost her majority in parliament, a senior EU official has said.

Guy Verhofstadt told the Independent that the general election result was “a rejection of Theresa May’s vision for a hard Brexit,” and that negotiations should include “diverse opinions.”

The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator also said that the way Brexit has been handled so far is “chaotic” and that delays in the negotiation process have created “uncertainty” for all sides in the talks.

Verhofstadt said: “Brexit is about the whole of the UK. It will affect all UK citizens, and EU citizens in the UK. This is much bigger than one political party’s internal divisions or short term electoral positioning. It’s about people’s lives

“I believe the negotiations should involve more people with more diverse opinions. Some recognition that the election result was, in part, a rejection of Theresa May’s vision for a hard Brexit would be welcome.”

When pressed on whether this meant opposition party leaders should be included in Britain’s negotiating team, a spokesman for Verhofstadt told the Independent: “Absolutely.”

Labour leader Corbyn met with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier last week, along with the shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer for a “friendly and constructive meeting,” laying out Labour’s Brexit plans.

Corbyn said: “Labour has extended the hand of partnership for a new relationship with Europe and we outlined how our goal of a jobs-first Brexit deal would protect our mutual trading interests… The General Election result has clearly changed the context for the Brexit talks and means the Government will have to listen to Parliament and will not be able to have it all its own way.”

Verhofstadt also said: “Regarding the handling of Brexit so far, I think it has been somewhat chaotic. It …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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