Kylie Jenner GQ Mexico Cover

If Kylie Jenner is trying to attract Aaron Judge, she’s not exactly using a subtle approach.

The 19-year old is featured on the cover of the latest GQ Mexico, flaunting her figure in a rather conservative one-piece bathing suit for the first photo in her elicit spread.

Open the pages of this publication, however, and Kylie is doing everything except opening her legs wide for the camera.

The reality star is in full-on seduction mode, rocking a bikini that would scarcely fit someone half her size and showing off her very large breasts in the process.

We know it’s an imposing question… we know there are quite a few Kylie Jenner photos to which they can be compared… but it still must be asked:

Might the following be the raciest Kylie Jenner images of all-time?

Consider the first snapshot shared here, in which Kylie’s left thumb is placed near her crotch, which draws one’s attention to the vagina that is just barely hidden under those swimsuit bottoms.

Then there’s the top part of the outfit.

That fabric is barely holding back those boobs!

In the next photo from this issue of GQ Mexico, Jenner is pushing her aforementioned boobs together.

She’s accentuated her cleavage for all to see, while standing alongside a pile of logs for some reason.

(Maybe because logs are made of wood? And wood is a euphemism for an erection? See… we’re telling you! RACY!)

Finally, Kylie poses for an extreme close-up that once again puts her cleavage on full display.

Those controversial Jenner lips are pursued and the young star has a very serious expression on her face.

She isn’t messing around, folks. She’s being as sexy as she knows how to be in this set of photos, which was snapped by Mike Rosenthal.

Check out the third image below and then decide: Which of these is …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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