Fans will wait in line for hours to get their hands on items for sale exclusively at Comic-Con. (Photo by Alyssa Rasmus, Pink Camera Media)

Several years before I became a regular attendee of San Diego Comic-Con, I asked my friend to pick up a Doctor Who exclusive for me. He graciously declined.

People who don’t attend Comic-Con don’t know that the lines snaking around the outside of the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con don’t all lead to the famous Hall H. In fact, many of the lines lead to other lines along the heavily congested exhibit hall floor. Names spray-painted on the concrete walkways and stairs in the back of the convention center help volunteers and security personnel wrangle attendees into the appropriate lines. Some lines lead only to the opportunity to see if you can get into another line. Ultimately, for those patient or selected, these lines end up with the delivery of a precious and prized San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

My friend didn’t have time to stand in line for an exclusive because he attends Comic-Con for different reasons. But for those who attend for the exclusives, the opportunity to buy a special Funko character is just as important as the Hall H devotee seeing Gal Gadot after sleeping in a tent, head and pillow leaning on the lid of a pop cooler.

Line paint points to Funko’s collectibles. (Photo by Alyssa Rasmus, Pink Camera Media)

On one level, everybody who comes to San Diego Comic-Con comes for an exclusive. Any particular moment of any particular Comic-Con will only come once. Exclusives-seekers come with many expectations, and exclusives come many forms.

Just What Are Exclusives?

The simple answer to: what are exclusives? is anything that can only be purchased at San Diego Comic-Con. Most items come emblazoned with a sticker, stamp or other …read more

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