OAKLAND — The city’s bill for the Golden State Warriors title parade has been reduced by about $29,000, or the approximate cost of one Steph Curry jumper.

The final invoice sent to the Golden State Warriors by the city of Oakland for this year’s NBA title parade. The only change from the first bill was Item 6 “Equipment & Supplies.”

The team promised to pay for the parade earlier this year, but questioned why the city’s bill for the event was more than three times higher than the original estimate.

The city’s finance department has since reduced the equipment charges to reflect three days — the day before, day of and day after the parade and rally — which accounted for the discount on a revised invoice sent to the team.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf previously said police and fire labor costs would also be reduced to account for employees who were scheduled to work a regular shift on June 15 — parade or no parade — but those stayed the same.

Karen Boyd, a spokeswoman with the city administrator’s office said the labor costs had already been adjusted by about $25,000 in the first invoice sent to the Warriors in July. With the latest reduction in equipment costs, the final bill for the Warriors 2017 title festivities came to almost $787,000.

However, the city is also asking the Warriors to reimburse another $244,000 in costs for the 2015 title parade. The team has said it agreed to “split” those costs with Oakland, but even that has been a bone of contention between the two sides.

In total, the final invoice asks for $1.03 million from the NBA’s best team. Boyd said city officials met with the Warriors and gave them the new invoice on Sept. 14.

“The City has submitted the invoice and is awaiting payment,” …read more

Source:: East Bay – Sports

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