McDonald’s one-day-only distribution of their Szechuan sauce, inspired by the TV show “Rick and Morty,” left more fans angry than elated.

Scores lined up at stores nationwide hours before the sauce’s 2 p.m. debut, only to find out that many had limited amounts — and that only a limited number of restaurants were carrying the 1990s-era sauce.

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Not surprisingly, unhappy fans voiced their anger and frustration on Twitter. Check out some of the responses:

#McDonalds only has 20sauce packets. Line is about half mile long #SzechuanSauce #SanJose

— Carlos (@CarlosHouston) October 7, 2017

An Accurate Representation of the #SzechuanSauce event at McDonalds.

— John Guerra (@Scourgey) October 7, 2017

@McDonalds did you really get 17 packets a store or did your managers just make buku side cash #pissed #szechuansauce #ebay

— Alice Specht (@AliceSpecht) October 7, 2017

Anyone know how to bring a class action suit against @McDonalds for false advertisement? Asking for a few thousand friends #szechuansauce

— Bradley Brower (@BradleyWBrower) October 7, 2017

Rick and Morty help bring Szechuan sauce back for one day

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