Elizabeth Hurley has some words of wisdom for her son.

Hurley recently stopped by PEOPLE Now to share that even though she’s not standing in the way of her 15-year-old son Damian’s acting career, her biggest advice to him right now is to focus on getting an education first.

“He had a part last year in season 3 and then then they reprieved him — they brought him back this year, and I actually had scenes with him,” said Hurley, 52, adding that the experience has been “just fantastic.”

“He plays Prince Hansel Von Liechtenstein,” she continued. “He’s a real prince, but … he’s reality TV show. He’s been such a supporter of the show and indeed of me for his whole life. and to have him actually be in costume, mic-ed up, doing his lines, I was proud.”

Even though seeing her son get his first acting gig was a heart-warming moment for her, Hurley hasn’t stopped encouraging Damian to do well in school.

“He does love show business, and ultimately, of course I’ll encourage anything he wants to do,” the star said, adding that she’s also “encouraging him still to study hard at school and all those things. Even if it’s something he’ll never need in his life, I just think it makes you a more interesting person.”

“I always say, you don’t want to be a bore at dinner. You have to know geography, you need to know history, you need to know ancient history, it’s interesting,” she continued. “And then of course, if he wants to be — and if he were talented enough and lucky enough to be a movie star, how nice that would be. But to me that’s the icing on the cake after you a fully-rounded person.”

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