A recent guest column (“The SHARE Act shares the potential for more gun violence,” Sept. 28) is riddled with false claims about legislation that would help protect the rights of millions of American who hunt and shoot competitively or for sport. The misinformed author of the column, Linda Newell, identifies herself as part of a national gun control group whose radical agenda has been rejected time and again by the people of Utah. When armed with the facts, the people of Utah have always chosen freedom over burdensome government regulations.

Here are the facts about the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, now being considered in Congress.

Newell makes the false claim that the legislation “deregulates gun silencers and armor-piercing bullets, putting them on the streets of our cities.” Most people in the hunting and firearms community do not call them “silencers,” we call them suppressors. They work like a car muffler to reduce the noise from a firearm. They do not silence a gun. Under the SHARE Act, anyone wishing to purchase a suppressor would still have to go through a federal background check — ensuring that criminals and the dangerously mentally ill do not have access to them.

According the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, “The SHARE Act would simply make it easier for law-abiding gun owners to protect their hearing with suppressors. A firearm suppressor reduces the noise of a firearm to roughly the level of a jackhammer, which, while still loud, will not instantly damage hearing like an unsuppressed firearm. Current federal law requires registration, the paying of a $200 tax, and up to a 12-month wait to acquire a firearm suppressor.”

As a firearms instructor it would be nice to not have to wear double hearing protection to insure that I do not have continued hearing …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News

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