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Heathrow VIP offers first-class service from the minute you leave your house until you board a plane.
It costs £3,300 to use and is frequently used by celebrities and world leaders.
Business Insider spoke to Head of Heathrow VIP Priya Milhotra to find out everything the service offers.

Flying first class might seem like the ultimate goal when it comes to travel. However, what happens before and after you flight can be equally as luxurious.

Business Insider spoke to Priya Milhotra, head of Heathrow VIP for the past three and a half years, to find out what sort of treatment world leaders and A-list celebrities — or simply those willing to splash out £3,300 ($4,400) on top of their flight cost — can expect when they travel to and from London’s most famous airport.

“If you’re looking at the movers and shakers and people leading our globe, these are the people using Heathrow VIP,” Milhotra said.

And with a “massive” team of 96, the VIP squad has everything covered — they even start work at 4 a.m.

The service starts before you even leave home.

“We have a chauffeur service that will pick you up, then we do not leave your side until the point we drop you off at the plane at Heathrow,” Milhotra said.

A 7 Series BMW — complete with massage seats — will pick you up at home or your hotel.

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Source:: Business Insider

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