Celebrity Big Brother Competition

Julie Chen always says to “Expect the unexpected” when it comes to twists on Big Brother.

The celebrity edition of the hit series is no different, and we picked up with Shannon Elizabeth’s big win becoming a big question mark.

That was because one houseguest had the power to overthrow her as Head of Household if they had the right swag in their golden bag.

“Normally, I give my gift bags to my housekeeper because it’s full of crap, but this one I might actually want,” said Brandi with a grin. This woman is not pleasant.

The women worried that their grip on power in the house was drawing to a close, so they reeled Ross Matthews into their alliance.

For those keeping score at home, a 7-person alliance almost never works. But maybe the women and Ross can prove otherwise.

In a surprising turn of events, Mark offered Shannon to be a pawn, and that made things a whole lot easier for her when it came to nominating houseguests for eviction.

Metta already wanted to go home, so the ladies realized they could throw him up, and if the opportunity presented itself, they could backdoor James and send him out of the house first.

Marisa decided against using the recast twist, and it proved she did not want to get blood on her hands so early in the game. She’s one of the more analytical houseguests.

With most of the women asking to use the recast twist, it was revealed during the nominations ceremony that Keshia was the lucky victor.

But she shocked everyone when she put James and Chuck on the block. What was the point in her not putting the others up?

Maybe it was to try and act like she was not in an alliance …read more

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