Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother Season 1

The inaugural edition of Celebrity Big Brother is well underway, and things are getting crazier by the day inside the most famous home on television.

When the episode got underway, we found out that Keshia and Omarosa were not impressed with the last-minute vote flip that sent Chuck Liddell out of the house.

We flashed back to right before the eviction and Ross, Marissa, Shannon and James agreed to join a Final 4 alliance that would help them in the game.

However, Ross revealed in the diary room that it would be better to confirm he is in the alliance, but he’s not definite on whether to stay with the alliance.

Omarosa was ready to lose it with Shannon because she was left out of the last-minute flip, and the two women got ready to have it out with each other.

Omarosa knew there was no way that Marissa or Brandi could spearhead such a move, and that meant Shannon was the next person in line. Shannon was forced to confirm the truth about her deal with Omarosa to the rest of the group.

When Shannon came clean, it meant the target on her ballooned to dizzying heights because they knew they would need to get her out of the house in a swift manner.

In a sad turn of events, Metta was confused about the eviction process and actually sent home Chuck instead of saving him.

Shannon then started chatting about what she wanted to do about Omarosa, and Omarosa heard all about it. She said that Shannon was being sketchy and tried to find a way to sort it out.

In the end, Ross came out top trumps and won the HOH competition.

Tensions flared up in the aftermath of the HOH competition when Omarosa disappeared. …read more

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