With her recent marriage, we’re taking a look back at the ups and downs in the life of Bristol Palin: reality star, mom and daughter of politician Sarah Palin.

Palin rises to the spotlight when her mother, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, was named as John McCain’s vice presidential pick. However, she received more attention than the average prospective vice presidential child when it was announced, just days after her mother’s addition to the ticket was revealed, that 17-year-old Bristol was pregnant. Her pregnancy sparked controversy due to her mother’s stance on abstinence-only sex education. At the time, Bristol said she planned to marry the baby’s father, Levi Johnston.

Her mom’s ticket may have lost the election, but the Palin family had something else to celebrate in late 2008: the birth of Bristol’s first child, son Tripp.

MARCH 2009
Bristol and fiancé Johnston split.

Bristol is sued by her ex-fiancé for joint custody. At the time, Johnston said that the Palin family was limiting his time with his son. “It’s not working. I’m done,” he said. “It’s going to have to go to court. They just finally pushed me over the edge.”

Bristol becomes an advocate for teen abstinence, but faces a lot of backlash from those who call her a “hypocrite” due to her own past actions.

Two years after her mother’s campaign lost the election for president, Bristol gets her own moment in the spotlight: She competed on Dancing with the Stars, coming in third place with partner Mark Ballas.

APRIL 2011
Levi Johnston announces he’s penning a Palin family tell-all.

Bristol landed a reality gig with the show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, but the show ultimately only lasted for 14 episodes and less than two months on air.

Bristol returned to Dancing with the Stars on the show’s …read more

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