Boris Johnson warns that Brexit must go ahead

Boris Johnson will make a speech on Brexit tonight, sanctioned by Downing Street, in which he says it would be “a disastrous mistake” to reverse Britain’s decision to leave the EU and would create “ineradicable feelings of betrayal”. The speech will be conciliatory towards Remainers, says the BBC, admitting they may have “noble sentiments”.

Actor Minnie Driver leaves Oxfam after scandal

The British actor Minnie Driver has stood down from her post as a celebrity ambassador for Oxfam, saying she is “nothing short of horrified” by allegations that staff in Haiti and other countries paid for sex. Driver has been involved with the charity for 20 years. Oxfam said it was “grateful” for her work and hoped to learn from its mistakes.

Airliner loses engine mid-flight but lands safely

A Boeing 777 has safely made an emergency landing at Honolulu airport after one of its engines disintegrated in mid-air. Passengers on United Airlines flight 1175 from San Francisco to Hawaii filmed and photographed the dramatic incident, with one saying it was the “scariest flight of my life”. Aviation experts are investigating.

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