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New airport projects in the US face numerous roadblocks along the way.
According to veteran airport architect Keith Thompson, new airports face four major challenges.
They range from government regulation to the way these projects are funded.

In spite of our many complaints about the state of air travel in the US, Americans are flying more than ever. As a result, our airports are bursting at the seams with business travelers and holiday goers.

The nation’s runways are overwhelmed by the number of planes that need to take off and land every day. Even with an intricately choreographed approach and departure sequences, congestion is almost inevitable.

Three of the six busiest airports in the world can be found in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

While the last major international airport built in the US, Denver International, opened its doors more than two decades ago.

During which time new airports, shining palaces of aviation, are popping up all around the world. China, alone, has roughly four dozen airports in development.

The reality is that America needs new airports with more runways and bigger terminals. Yes, there are projects underway around the country that are trying to address the problem. The new $4 billion Delta Air Lines terminal at LaGuardia Airport is a great example of this.

Still, infrastructure upgrades just aren’t happening at a pace commensurate with the growth in traffic.

So what’s stopping us?

To find out, we asked someone who would know first hand. Keith Thompson is firmwide aviation and transportation practice area leader at Gensler, one of the world’s leading airport architects. The firm’s work includes JetBlue’s Terminal at JFK International and the recent renovation of Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport.

Over his thirty year career, he’s worked on more than 60 airports around the world.

And according to Thompson, there are …read more

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