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Easter is just around the corner and some people might consider a cute, fluffy rabbit as the perfect holiday gift for their children. If you fall into that basket, there’s just one thing you need to know: Don’t do it.

Rabbits can make wonderful pets. But there is only one reason to buy or adopt one, and that’s because you really want one as a pet. Getting one as part of a holiday theme is plain wrong.

But if you’re thinking about having a bunny as a pet, here are some things to know.

Rabbits are social creatures and will require a lot of your time and attention. In that regard, they might be more like dogs and less like those independently minded cats.
If you think you can avoid having to give your bunny lots of attention by getting a second rabbit, think again. While many rabbits enjoy the company of a fellow bunny, some breeds are territorial and don’t like sharing their space with another rabbit. Make sure the rabbits will be companionable before adopting, and that they have been neutered. That crazy breeding thing you’ve heard about is true.
Rabbits and young children usually are not a good mix. While dogs and cats tend to be more tolerant of children, rabbits just don’t get them. Make sure your children are ready for a rabbit.
There are many reliable rabbit breeders, but don’t rule out adoption. Many shelters are up to their ears in rabbits, so you’ll have your pick and will give a bunny in need a good home.
Some rabbits like living outdoors, but some are homebodies. You’ll need to figure out which type you have. If you have an outdoor-minded bunny, you’ll need a sturdy hutch to protect it from an assortment of predators. Even when protected physically from threats, rabbits can …read more

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