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DEAR JOAN: Have you observed that hummingbirds dislike hyacinth flowers?

I love hummingbirds and have more than 1,000 pics of them. Three or four hummers were regular visitors to my patio, but since my hyacinth bloomed in January, they hardly visit once a day.

I did try adding a big red ribbon in the patio as suggested by other readers, but it has not yielded positive results.

Paresh Kurani, Bay Area

DEAR PARESH: Hyacinths are not listed among hummingbirds’ favorite flowers, but I could find no evidence that they dislike them. Hyacinths are popular with bees, so perhaps the hummers don’t like the competition — or maybe there just isn’t enough nectar to go around.

The California Native Plant Society has a list of plants that are favorites of hummers. The list also includes information on which plants are in bloom in different seasons, so you can attract hummers pretty much year round. For example, pink-flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum glutinosum) and black sage (Salvia mellifera) will feed hummers in the spring, while scarlet monkeyflower (Mimulus cardinalis) and California fuchsia are good for the summer.

Adding these plants and other natives, as well as growing crocuses, daffodils, dianthus, forget-me-nots, gardenias, irises, lilacs, marigold, peonies and roses should bring a lot of hummers to your yard.

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DEAR JOAN: My husband and I live in Sunnyvale and this year, for the first time, it looks like the birds are eating the skins of our Meyer lemons.

Why would they all of a sudden start eating the lemons after 24 years? We don’t understand if they are deficient in their diet. Could you help explain why they would be doing this? We have birds, but I don’t know …read more

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