Katy Perry Listens

Taylor Swift must be cackling somewhere — if she’s even bothering to pay attention to Katy anymore.

American Idol’s returned on Sunday, to mixed reactions.

One major problem, a report says, is that Katy Perry is a disastrous judge who doesn’t know what to say to contestants.

Yes, American Idol is back and Katy Perry is one of the judges.

RadarOnline reports that Katy is a disaster for the show — beyond what viewers have already seen on camera and beyond everyone’s worst fears.

“Katy Perry has been worse than anyone ever could have imagined on American Idol.”

Producers were already worried after Katy’s reign as host at the 2017 VMAs fell flat, but apparently she’s even worse as a judge.

Per RadarOnline’s source, the lines that judges say and the opinions that they espouse “absolutely aren’t scripted.”

And it sounds like Katy, though a great singer, isn’t so stellar at improv.

Or even just … speaking.

The problem seems to be that Katy doesn’t know how to give feedback.

“This is proving to be a huge issue for Katy because she literally has no clue what to say to any of the contestants.”

You can be funny or you can be helpful, but it sounds like Katy is neither.

“During auditions, Katy has appeared to be completely at a loss as to what she should say.”

When she does speak up, it doesn’t play well for the cameras.

“Her feedback and interactions with contestants are flat, and at times, very, very awkward.”

Oh, dear.

It turns out that Katy Perry allegedly has yet another issue: punctuality.

“Along with constantly being late, this is not a very good indication of the show’s reboot success.”

The source summarizes how they view the new American Idol:

“It’s a complete train wreck!”

Over time, we’ll see whether they can get Katy Perry and the show back on the right …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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