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Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the season two finale of “This Is Us.”

Now that the mystery of Jack Pearson’s death is long behind us, what else can “This Is Us” do to pull at fan’s heartstrings heading into season three?


Instead of flashbacks, Tuesday’s “This Is Us” finale teased a series of small, perplexing flash-forwards. Several appeared to be about a year in the future and another with Randall may be as far as a decade down the line.

From a somber looking Toby to a traveling Kevin, we have a lot of questions and we’re sure you do too. While we’re waiting for the show to return in fall 2018, let’s break down every question we have from the flash-forward scenes teased on the season two finale.

What is going on with Toby?

Toby is looking quite unlike his chipper self.

Kate walks in on Toby curled up in bed and tells him that the doctor wants to see him to discuss adjusting his medication. Our best guess is that he may have slipped into a depression.

On the season two finale, his parents hinted Toby had problems fighting depression after his first marriage fell apart and we’re thinking he may have had a setback.

“You stopped going to work and I found you in your apartment in the middle of a work day with the curtains drawn and hiding under the covers like a little kid,” Toby’s mother tells him. “You were severely depressed for a very long time.”

The way she describes him is exactly how we see Toby in the flash-forward.

Who are Tess and Randall going to see?

We previously saw a future version of Randall visiting his daughter Tess as a social worker. But there’s more going on here. The two of them discuss a …read more

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