The ex-girlfriend of Trevor Cadigan, the 26-year-old journalist who was one of the five passengers killed in the helicopter crash in New York City’s East River on Sunday, is reeling after hearing the tragic news that he didn’t survive.

“He was always, very happy, joyous and ambitious,” says Jordan McDaniel, 22, of St. Louis, Missouri. “That’s why he moved to New York City. He was doing great things.”

McDaniel, who remained good friends with Cadigan after they split last year, says that he moved from Dallas to N.Y.C. six months ago for a video journalism internship at Business Insider and was destined for success.

“It’s heartbreaking to never know what bigger things he was going to do in life,” she says, “but I think what he’s already done speaks volumes about him and shows the type of person he was.”

Cadigan and McDaniel first met in April 2017 when he was in St. Louis for his sister’s wedding.

“We got very close into the summer and the fall,” she says. “Some of my happiest memories are with him.”

After the duo met, McDaniel visited Cardigan in Dallas and he came back to St. Louis to see her. Cadigan also planned a trip for them to South Padre Island in Texas.

“It was the worst thing ever because it turned out to kind of be a food desert. We were there for 24 hours and were kind of miserable, so he booked a flight to Miami and we went there instead for a couple of days,” recalls McDaniel, who says she spent hours on the phone and FaceTiming with Cadigan.

“He hated when people were unhappy,” she recalls. And “really cared” about those who were close to him.

In the fall of 2017, the two went to New York City, which happened to be Cardigan’s first visit to …read more



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