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From finally being able to see Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz in a scene together to the wedding fans have been waiting to see, This Is Us delivered a season 2 finale chock full of surprises.

Audiences were brought to tears as the drama leading up to the big Ka-Toby wedding included pre-day jitters and special family moments, including Kate imagining her father Jack as an older man for a 40th anniversary party with Rebecca.

But that wasn’t all! Kate was finally able to let go of her father’s tragic passing hours before the wedding as she had a heart-to-heart with Jack’s urn at their meaningful tree stump spot.

Old Jack and Rebecca PearsonJack Rebecca This Is Us
Credit: NBC

Here are some of the memorable takeaways from the sophomore finale to keep you waiting for the NBC show to return this fall:

Old Jack Pearson

Fans couldn’t get enough of the salt and peppered version of Jack.

I literally can’t take it @MiloVentimiglia #thisisus https://t.co/A8C5Uz86qP

— Chrissy Metz (@ChrissyMetz) March 14, 2018


Seeing Jack like this warms my heart. I wish Beth got to meet him. They wouldve loved each other.@MiloVentimiglia #ThisIsUs

— Susan Kelechi Watson (@skelechiwatson) March 14, 2018


Me: I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry! *sees @MiloVentimiglia as old #JackPearson on screen* @NBCThisisUs #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/uWvK63n187

— Marisol Garcia (@TheMariG) March 14, 2018


My gosh, they really did create the best dad and husband and man with Jack didn’t they? I mean no one is perfect but this character is so close. #ThisIsUs

— Amanda (@MandaPandaAF) March 14, 2018


Anything Jack Pearson says, thinks, & does #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/BQNF1PZFkh

— dwight’s beets (@MinaC_xo) March 14, 2018


Kate and Toby’s Special Day

The bride was obsessed with somehow honoring …read more

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