Peter Schreyer

Hyundai-Kia design director Peter Schreyer isn’t quite ready to give up on human drivers.
He said electric and autonomous vehicles present great design challenges and opportunities, and that cars have always been defined by technological progress.
Schreyer designed the Kia Stinger, one of the best cars Business Insider has tested in 2018.

If you’re casting around for a European car designer who defines the profession, look no farther the Peter Schreyer.

The native of Germany, who now directs design for South Korea’s Hyundai-Kia partnership, sat down with Business Insider for an interview at the New York auto show in late March. Schreyer was, as always, dressed entirely in black, save for a polka-dot scarf. This is exactly what a car designer is supposed to look like.

Schreyer, who arrived at Kia in 2006 after a very successful run at Volkswagen and Audi, designed the Stinger sport sedan, a car that I’ve now sampled twice and would like sample again and again. (Schreyer created the Stinger with Gregory Guillaume, chief designer at Kia Motors Europe).

After I told Schreyer that while driving the Stinger I had been stopped in traffic by people demanding to know how such a cool car could be a Kia, he confessed that the German police had stopped him in his Stinger, ostensibly to check his license, only to later admit, Schreyer said, “they stopped me because they wanted to see the car.”

“We get a lot of this kind of reaction,” he said, with winking modesty.

According to Schreyer, the Stinger — a challenger to established sports sedans from BMW and Audi and, when it was introduced in 2017, a shocking addition to the Kia brand — was a “dream to make, super-rewarding for a designer” …read more

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