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When President Donald Trump threatened to strike Syria, the US Navy only had one destroyer in the region — leading people to assume that it take part in the strike.
But when the attack occurred, that ship didn’t fire anything — which may have been a distraction ploy.
Instead, ships in the Red Sea fired a large portion of the missiles, while Syria and its Russian ally apparently failed entirely to defend it.
Russian threats to counter-attack also ultimately came to nothing.

When President Donald Trump threatened to send missiles at Syria — despite Russia’s promises to counter-attack — all eyes turned towards the US Navy’s sole destroyer in the region. But that may have been a trick.

Pundits openly scoffed at Trump’s announcement of the strike days in advance, especially considering his criticism of Barack Obama for similar talk, but the actual strike appeared to go down well.

In April 2017, two US Navy destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean steamed into the region, let off 59 cruise missiles in response to suspected gas attacks by the Syrian government, and left unpunished and unpursued.

But this time, Russian officials threatened to shoot down US missiles, and potentially the ships that launched them, if they attacked Syria. A retired Russian admiral spoke candidly about sinking the USS Donald Cook, the only destroyer in the region.

When the strike happened, the Cook didn’t fire a shot, and a source tell Bloomberg News it was a trick.

Instead, a US submarine, the USS John Warner, fired the missiles while submerged in the eastern Mediterranean, presenting a much more difficult target than a destroyer on the surface. Elsewhere in the sea, a French navy frigate let off three missiles.

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Source:: Business Insider


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