ALAMEDA — Just before City Council members went into closed session Monday evening to discuss whether to fire her, City Manager Jill Keimach told them she does not regret her actions, which included having secretly recorded a conversation with two of them.

“I was put to the test in Alameda,” Keimach said. “My ethics and good governance would require me to make all those decisions again.”

She was referring to the pressure she said Vice Mayor Malia Vella and Councilman Jim Oddie applied when she was selecting a fire chief. Both wanted her to select a candidate favored by the firefighters’ union, according to Keimach. It was during a council-ordered independent investigation that her role in taping Vella and Oddie was revealed.

Earlier Monday, Keimach’s attorney, Therese Cannata, said in a letter to the city clerk that the city manager wanted the council to discuss her fate during an open meeting instead of behind closed doors.

That request was apparently rejected and not addressed publicly during the meeting by the council or by City Attorney Janet Kern.

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Approximately 40 people spoke before the council went into closed session — all but two supported Keimach or called for the release of the investigator’s report and the recording she made using her cell phone.

Cannata called the taping “a red herring.”

“Consider not the fact of the recording, but what is on the recording,” she said.

Michael McDonough, president of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, said the lack of information about the investigator’s findings or the recording was “a breeding ground for rumor.”

He also said it “has spiraled into a catastrophe that may have long-term consequences for Alameda.”

Jim Sweeney, an Alameda resident since 1972, …read more

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