Steve Ballmer is no stranger to shareholder meetings, but this is not your typical investor gathering.

The former Microsoft CEO and current L.A. Clippers owner will facilitate the first-ever “shareholder meeting for American taxpayers” as a live online event Tuesday morning — focusing on the government’s latest annual results, and its progress against its mission statement, as stated in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

It’s the latest effort by Ballmer’s nonpartisan nonprofit, USAFacts, to give American citizens the tools and data to analyze the government’s performance in the way a savvy investor would assess a company. USAFacts will also be releasing its second annual report and Form 10K document about the U.S. government, in the style of the yearly filings that publicly traded companies make to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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The reports are timed to coincide with Tax Day, when the “investment” we make in the country as taxpayers is top of mind.

So to continue the analogy, as a shareholder in the United States, is Ballmer a buyer or a seller?

“Let me say it the way I would talk about a company: I am a buyer with a couple of clouds, a couple of threats, that I worry about,” Ballmer said in an interview with GeekWire on Monday afternoon at his office in Bellevue, Wash.

Ballmer cautioned that everyone should read the numbers and form their own opinions, but from his perspective, he said, “by and large, with a couple of exceptions, the two twin pillars of America — democracy and capitalism — are working.” He pointed to encouraging trends in areas including job creation and a reduction in the crime rate.

In the realm of upside surprises, he noted that U.S. military spending on R&D, …read more

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