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Tempting as fast food may be, the industry at large has earned a relatively lousy reputation.
Past and present fast food employees on Reddit took to the internet to set the record straight about what you should — and should not — order at restaurants.
Tips include letting the soda fountain run for a few seconds before filling your cup and avoiding drink garnishes at all costs.

Fast food’s appeal can largely be boiled down to three factors: accessibility, convenience, and reliability. You know just what you’re getting when you order a number five with a strawberry shake — or do you?

Like most businesses, the fast food industry has an underbelly, and we’ve amassed a collection of insider tips and secrets from various Reddit threads to help you navigate the mysterious waters of your favorite restaurant chain.

From making sure to avoid the ice machines to never ordering fish on a Monday, here are 13 secrets from fast food employees that will save you from a nightmarish meal.

While INSIDER can’t independently verify any of these tales, they do make for some wild reading.

Run the soda fountain machine for a few seconds before pouring it into your cup.

Many fast food chains and restaurants have regulations in place that ensure soda fountain machines are cleaned routinely. However, allowing the soda to run for a few seconds before filling your cup helps eliminate any chances that you’ll wind up with mold or bacteria in your drink.

“It gets any air out of the line and washes out the built up syrup from however long it’s been since its last run. […] If they don’t clean the machine often enough (zero restaurants/gas stations do), it’ll hopefully wash away the built up mold/bacteria in it. If it’s a freestyle machine, it’ll wash out …read more

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