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Tori Spelling celebrated Mother’s Day with a special dedication to each of her five children with husband Dean McDermott — daughters Stella, 9, and Hattie, 6, and sons Liam, 11, Finn, 5, and Beau,1. (However, she did not dedicate a post to her mother, Candy Spelling, with whom she’s had a strained relationship.)

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum kicked things off with an adorable photo of herself planting a kiss on the cheek of the son who made her a mom for the first time.

“Liam I loved you from the moment I found out you were growing in my belly. In that one moment I changed,” she said. “Life was no longer seen thru a me lens but a you lens. A little girl dreaming and searching for something became a woman. My sole mission in life became about protecting you. As you grew in my belly I no longer felt alone in life. Someone was always with me. Then you were born. The moment I held your tiny hand and looked into your blue eyes I knew a love I had been searching for my whole life. I love that was unconditional, a love that was completely pure, a love that would be never ending.”

Spelling shared her gratitude that Liam still allows her to call him “Monkey” and give him kisses at age 11.

The 44-year-old actress chose a close-up shot of Stella softly smiling in a pool for a post honoring her first daughter, in which she remembered being “terrified” to learn she was having a baby girl.

“All I had ever wanted was a little girl. But what if I couldn’t handle a girl? Girls can be complicated,” she recalled. “From the moment …read more



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