Harry Styles — yes, the Harry Styles — is taking his story to the small screen.

The 24-year-old singer, who rose to stardom as one of the members of One Direction and released his first solo album last year, will executive-produce a new fall show for CBS. The sitcom, which is called Happy Together, stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West as a 30-something married couple who is happily settled into their quiet lives in suburbia — until a young pop star, played by Australian actor Felix Mallard, unexpectedly moves in with them.

So what’s Styles’ connection to the series? Well, as it turns out, the plot is based on a formative period in the artist’s real life. In the early stages of One Direction’s feverish success, fresh off of their X Factor introduction, Styles ended up crashing with his friend and mentor Ben Winston, then a filmmaker and now Emmy-winning executive producer of The Late Late Show With James Corden. (Winston will also executive-produce Happy Together.)

At the time, per Rolling Stone, Styles had just moved out of his family home in Cheshire and needed a place to stay while work was being done on his new place. He asked if he could briefly move in with Winston and his wife, Meredith, who lived in the suburbs of London. While she initially agreed to have him stay for two weeks, Styles ended up sleeping on a mattress in the Winstons’ attic for 20 months.

“Those 20 months were when they went from being on a reality show, X Factor, to being the biggest-selling artists in the world,” Winston told the magazine last year. “That period of time, he was living with us in the most mundane suburban situation. No one ever found out, really. …read more

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