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Outdoor Voices is an athletic wear company founded by 29-year-old entrepreneur Tyler Haney.
The brand considers itself “technical wear for recreation,” meaning the clothing is made for sweating in but can be suitable for any activity.
“We are really building the rules for our own game here. I have no interest in building the next Nike — we are building Outdoor Voices,” Haney said in a recent interview with Business Insider.

From the start, Tyler Haney’s strategy for Outdoor Voices was simple: to create the world’s No. 1 athletics brand, eventually overtaking more established brands like Lululemon or Under Armour.

This new brand, however, would be targeted at everyday exercise, from walking the dog, to jogging, to rock climbing.

In just under five years, the 29-year-old Colorado native has built an athletics brand that now boasts an 80-person team and $56.4 million in venture funding. It counts Google Ventures, which is now GV, as one of its key investors.

The brand’s clothing line is meant to be for women — and, more recently, men — to sweat in. The collection includes leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, and even exercise dresses for women. Everything in the collection costs between $35 and $135. Its best-selling leggings cost $95, for example. The scaled-down selection for men includes $65 shorts and $40 t-shirts.

Stylish clothing made for sweating

The clothing is fashionable enough to be considered athleisure, but Haney insists that it’s separate from that trend.

“We are completely activewear. Everything we make is meant to be sweat in. It is important to me that we stay true to technical, meant-to-sweat-in products, not fashion,” the founder and CEO said in a recent interview with Business Insider.

This makes sense for Haney, who says she grew up on the running track and at one point considered pursuing an athletic career. …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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