Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, Orbital Systems

When you think of technology that came from NASA, maybe you think of orange flavored Tang or freeze-dried food or space blankets.
But how about an endlessly hot shower with a full, high-pressure waterfall?
Orbital Systems, a startup from former NASA industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoub, has created a shower system that does exactly that, while using 90% less water than a typical shower.

When Mehrdad Mahdjoub was in college, he landed an internship at NASA’s Johnson Space Center working in the Mars program. Those in the space industry are deadset on sending humans to colonize Mars, and the notion has taken on an epic, even romanticized aura.

But what people don’t realize is that life on Mars, especially for those early colonists, cannot possibly equal the lifestyle humans have on Earth, given the lack of infrastructure.

“The whole notion about going to space is attractive,” Mahdjoub told Business Insider. “But if they tell you’d have to wear a diaper and you could never take a shower again, you would think twice.”

Therefore, NASA works with industrial designers like Mahdjoub in a variety of ways to help create human-friendlier environments that take into account the total lack of resources in space, or on Mars.

They don’t take showers on the space station, exactly — astronauts sort of wipe themselves off with a soap-like substance. One problem that engineers were able to solve is how to recycle every drop of water. Americans go all-in, too. Not only do they recycle so-called grey water used on washing up, they even turn their urine into drinkable water.

To do this, the designers for NASA created a special high powered filter. It removes any stray particles, as well as bacteria or other dangerous things, and returns just potable water.

When Mahdjoub left NASA and moved back to his home country in Sweden, …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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