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Fans have a lot of influence over their favorite shows.

On more than one occasion, fandoms have united in efforts to save a series from cancellation, find it a new home on another network, or even raise money for a movie spin-off.

Recently, Netflix released a two-hour finale for “Sense8” fans after canceling the beloved series and in the span of 24 hours, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was canceled by Fox and then picked up by NBC — both the results of vocal fans.

Here are 16 series that were saved or brought back thanks to fans.

“Sense8” was brought back for a two-and-a-half hour finale.

Netflix canceled the beloved series after two seasons and a Christmas special. But after a month of online fan protests and petitions, the streaming service announced that they’d bring the show back for a special finale.

Show creator Lana Wachowski wrote a letter thanking the fans for their passion and efforts.

“The passionate letters, the petitions, the collective voice that rose up like the fist of Sun to fight for this show was beyond what anyone was expecting,” she wrote. “In this world it is easy to believe that you cannot make a difference; that when a government or an institution or corporation makes a decision, there is something irrevocable about the decision; that love is always less important than the bottom line.”

“Timeless” was renewed three days after being canceled.

NBC canceled the time travel show but its return to the network was swift. Co-creator Eric Kripke took to his Twitter following the show’s renewal to thank fans for their social media efforts to revive the series.

“So huge thanks to @nbc for supporting us,” he tweeted. “And THANKS for the fan support. It’s a MAJOR reason we’re back. It …read more

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