PARK CITY — A bang, a flash, and in an instant the demonstration mannequin’s legs are bound together like something out of a comic book.

“When I saw it, I thought, ‘This is almost like Spider-Man technology,'” said Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter. “This gives us another option that we might be able to use to restrain somebody with less lethal force.”

Park City police, Utah Highway Patrol and representatives from Wrap Technologies demonstrated a new, non-lethal restraint device Wednesday that Park City is evaluating for use in mental health crisis situations.

While the ear-splitting sound of the BolaWrap’s firing gives an impression of force, it is marketed as an alternative to “pain-compliance weapons” like Tasers.

An 8-foot Kevlar cord with two prongs resembling fish hooks on each end is fired from the cartridge at a speed of 640 feet-per-second by a half-charge, 9 mm blank. The cord usually wraps around the target twice, either around their legs or arms, and digs into their clothes, effectively subduing them. It would take more than 380 pounds of force to break the cord, according to Michael Rothans, a company vice president.

“Most other tools, or weapons, that law enforcement carry is a pain-compliance tool — so the intent is to inflict pain in order to gain compliance,” Rothans said. “That’s not what this tool is about. This tool is about restraint.”

The device resembles a TV remote with a large silver button that fires the cord. A smaller switch, the device’s safety, is positioned below the firing button. It can be fired at an individual from 10 to 25 feet away.

The city is one of 15 law enforcement agencies nationwide selected by Wrap Technologies to test and evaluate the device, Rothans said.

According to Carpenter and Rothans, the device is intended for use on non-compliant, mentally ill …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News


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