Jax Taylor Looks Contemplative

In December, Jax Taylor’s father died following a cancer battle. Cancer is the actual worst, folks.

Months later, on his late father’s birthday, Jax has taken to social media to share his thoughts on his dearly departed dad.

Jax was clearly able to be emotionally honest, because you can tell that he wrote this from the heart.

Jax Taylor’s father, Ronald Cauchi, is gone but not forgotten by his son.

On Tuesday, June 12, Jax posted a tribute to his father on Instagram.

“Happy birthday to my angel in the sky,” Jax writes. “I love you so much dad and I miss you more and more each day.”

Losing a loved one can get easier over time, but … not in just a few months.

“Since you have left you have changed me in so many ways,” Jax writes.

Recent stories about Jax have made it sound like he’s really thinking about what sort of person he wants to be.

Jax then adds: “Thank you for being my father.”

There is no good time to lose a loved one.

“My new goal in life,” Jax announces. “Is to be exactly the man you are to your family.”

He makes it clear that he is not the only one who thinks that his father was a good person.

Jax continues: “Jenny and I are still getting messages from your friends on what an incredible man you are…”

He adds elipses there at the end, showing that he is pausing to find the words. This is an emotional message.

“I am so f–king proud to be your son dad,” Jax writes.

That is so sweet.

His father is going to miss on some major life milestones.

“My only wish is that you could see me and Brittany on our wedding day,” Jax laments.”And meet your grandchildren.”

Jax and Brittany Cartwright are actually engaged. Like we said, it …read more

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