Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, Post-Baby PDA

After dating for only about a month, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged. They’re both adults and they both deserve happiness, so good for them.

But while fans are so happy for Ariana, one person is reportedly less than overjoyed: Kylie Jenner.

Seeing Ariana get engaged after just a month really rubs it in that she has a 4-month-old baby from Travis Scott … but no ring.

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie envies Ariana’s engagement and is stepping up her game when

“Kylie is a bit jealous of Ariana and her sudden engagement,” their source reveals.

We can understand that. Though Ariana is more than four years older than Kylie, so she’s at an age where getting engaged and married is a little more normal.

The insider continues: “Kylie is now pressuring Travis to pop the question ASAP.”

That is very interesting to hear.

“And,” the source adds. “She wants a massive ring too.”

TMZ reports that Pete Davidson spent about $93,000 to have Ariana’s engagement ring specially made over two weeks.

Apparently, this extremely romantic story has Kylie’s ring finger feeling bereft.

The source dishes: “Kylie hasn’t stopped talking to Travis about getting married since she found out about Ariana.”

To be fair, it’s only been a couple of days since that news broke. But that’s still … a lot of alleged chatter.

“Kylie doesn’t understand what Travis is waiting for,” the insider claims.

One might guess that Travis is waiting until he’s known Kylie for a little longer, or until he’s sure that her family’s okay with it.

The source explains Kylie’s impatience: “They love each other, have a baby together and have been together long enough.”

It sounds like it’s reached the point of actually getting under Kylie’s skin.

“She is frustrated the Travis is making her wait,” the insider says.

And Ariana’s happiness is coming across …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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