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Flying is typically the quickest and most convenient way to travel. But if you travel often, you have probably dealt with your share of slow security lines, canceled flights, long layovers, inconsiderate flyers, unhelpful airline staff, and lost or damaged luggage. In fact, according to SITA, an air transport IT company, in 2016 nearly six bags per every 1000 travelers were lost by airlines. Of those lost bags, 47% were mishandled during a connection.

Reddit users share some of their worst airport experiences. Of course, these are just for fun, as we can’t independently authenticate the stories.

“TSA disassembled my CPAP with a screwdriver”

“The TSA agent started to disassemble my CPAP (sleep apnea machine) with a screwdriver because she had never seen one before. When I attempted to stop her from tampering with a medical device that I need to not die in my sleep – and that is clearly marked ‘This is a medical device,’ she had me flagged as an unruly passenger and tried to prevent me from leaving the security area.

“I explained to her supervisor that I had contacted my loved ones and gave them her name and badge number in case I died in my sleep because my breathing machine had been tampered with. They eventually covered the cost of a replacement CPAP.” – Redditor neinta

“We couldn’t walk our dog for the 14-hour layover”

“Had a layover once when I was a kid, with my mom, younger brother, and our dog. Our flight kept getting delayed for a total of 14 hours. We were in a gate that was separate from the main terminal of the airport (normally you would take a bus to get to this separate building) and it was VERY under construction.

“There was no a/c, water fountains, or …read more

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