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As it stands, MTV is not at a loss for programming.

But despite being jam-packed with popular reality shows like “Ex On the Beach,” “Are You The One?,” and of course, every iteration of “Teen Mom,” the network never shies away from bringing back some of its much-loved classics.

First, MTV rebooted “Total Request Live,” once well-known for being the hub of all things music in the early 2000s. Then MTV reunited the cast of “Jersey Shore,” a show that basically defined an era.

Because the great minds at MTV have always been responsible for some classic shows, there is also no shortage of series that we’d like to see brought back. We’re hoping these seven shows make the cut next time MTV decides which gems to bring back from the dead.

“Room Raiders”

Does the idea of a potential partner or blind date going through your most private possessions sound like a nightmare? Well, for six years that nightmare came true thanks to “Room Raiders.”

On the show, contestants would watch from vans as another person rifled through their beds, drawers, and closets, sometimes with the help of a blacklight. The footage often varied from intrusive and weird to downright gross.

What it lacked in basic manners (hello, who does this in real life?), it made up for in corny self-awareness. It’s vapid to judge someone simply by bursting into their room and making assumptions, but it also didn’t take itself too seriously for it to be a problem. Not to mention, Zac Efron even made an appearance.


“Next” was peak MTV: it was obviously scripted, bizarrely produced, and hilariously entertaining.

From 2005 to 2008, contestants would ride on a giant bus emblazoned with the word “next” on it, only getting off …read more

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