Theresa May faces backlash over European Union plan

Pro-Brexit MPs are furious that Leaver members of the Cabinet didn’t take a greater stand against Theresa May’s plans for the country’s future relationship with the EU, says the Sunday Telegraph. Meanwhile, The Sunday Times says MPs are contacting Jacob-Rees Mogg, encouraging him to run for the Tory leadership. “He’s our Churchill,” said one. Boris Johnson reportedly describes May’s plan as “polishing a t***”.

‘It’s D-day’ – rescue begins for Thai cave boys

The rescue operation to save Thai 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a cave has started. Yesterday, the head of the rescue mission said conditions were “perfect” for the evacuation to begin after the group were trapped for two weeks in northern Thailand. The move comes amid fears that incoming monsoon rains could soon prevent the plan. The rescue chief said: “Today is the D-day.”

Fears grow that Trump will pull troops out of Europe

Diplomats fear Donald Trump could threaten to pull US troops out of Ukraine, reports the Sunday Telegraph. They also believe the US President could decline to take part in joint Nato exercises if Britain and other European countries fail to commit to …read more

Source:: The Week – All news


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