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A Chicago police officer is under investigation after a video of the officer threatening to jail a black man for crossing the street went viral.
In the video, he also called the man a “retard,” said he “kill[s] motherf—–s,” and falsely said it would be illegal to record him.
“This kind of behavior is not what is expected of Department members,” the Chicago police department said in a statement.

Chicago police are investigating one of its own officers after a July 4 video surfaced of an officer cursing out two black men, claiming he “kill[s] motherf—–s,” and called one of the men a “retard.” The officer in the video also falsely told the men it was illegal to record him, and threatened to jail the two men for walking across the street. The video has more than 400,000 views on Facebook.

It’s unclear what happened in the events leading up to the taped encounter, but the video shows two black men approaching a police officer in his car. The officer is wearing a uniform, but he is in an unmarked car and is not wearing a badge or nametag.

“I kill motherf—–s. They tryin’ to shoot mother f—–s out here today,” he tells the person filming him. “Don’t try to film me dude. Do you want to do the bulls—? How about I lock you up for walking across the street?”

The officer then leaves the car to walk with the two black men, where he falsely says it’s illegal to record him.

“Illinois is a two-party consent state. And I don’t consent to you recording this. That’s illegal,” he says.

Police officers may be recorded in the state of Illinois without their consent, according to state law.

Later, the officer calls the person recording a “retard” and the video abruptly …read more

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