Adnan Oktar, Turkey


Adnan Oktar is led away by police following raid on his Istanbul home


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Adnan Oktar, Turkey

Controversial Turkish televangelist arrested on fraud and abuse charges


Thursday, July 12, 2018 – 10:11am

A controversial televangelist known for broadcasting sermons surrounded by young women he refers to as his “kittens” has been arrested along with more than 150 of his followers in a series of raids by Turkish police.

Islamic preacher Adnan Oktar, 62, was arrested at his home in Istanbul by officers from the city’s financial crimes unit on Wednesday. He faces dozens of charges including child abuse, kidnapping, blackmail, fraud and money laundering, after the raids reportedly uncovered a a stash of guns and armoured vehicles.

A total of 235 arrest warrants have been issued in the crackdown on his supporters, the BBC reports.

So who is Oktar and why is he so controversial?

According to The Times, Oktar runs his own television channel, A9, on which he would “broadcast bizarre sermons from his compound on an Istanbul hilltop” that were “light on Islam but heavy on erotica”.

“An overweight, middle-aged man with a penchant for gaudy suits”, he would “tell his scantily clad female …read more

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