SALT LAKE CITY — Free agency is still underway in the NBA, and it’s yet to be determined where this leaves the league’s teams, but no matter what happens there will remain one big question:

Whaddya mean the Warriors signed DaMarcus Cousins?!!!!!

How is that fair?

How many elite players can one team hoard in the NBA?

The Warriors not only signed Cousins, but they signed him for a bargain at $5.3 million for one year. The most talented big man in the game cost them some spare change they had lying around the office. There are about 44 players in the league who make more than 20 million per season. About 180 players will make more money next season than Cousins, a four-time All-Star who has been selected to two All-NBA second teams. He’s only 27.

And if that weren’t enough — he came to them, not vice versa. He called the Warriors on the phone looking for a job and asked if he could join the team. It’s like Warren Buffett winning the lottery. The Warriors were already filthy rich in talent. The only position they had a weakness was at center — and now they’ve filled the spot with an All-Star.

How loaded are the Warriors? Let’s look at last season’s player rankings for the 2017-18 season.

The Washington Post included five players in the top 16 who will play for the Warriors next season — 2) Kevin Durant, 4) Steph Curry, 11) Draymond Green, 14) Klay Thompson, 16) DeMarcus Cousins.

Bleacher Report ranked five Warriors in its top 25 — 2) Curry, 5) Durant, 10) Cousins, 14) Green, 25) Thompson.

Sports Illustrated ranked five Warriors in its top 23 — 2) Durant, 3) Curry, 10) Green, 20) Thompson, 23) Cousins.

No other team has more than two players in the top 25 of any of the …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News


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