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We spoke to 30 leaders under 40 who are using technology to contribute to the future of healthcare.
While discussing all the ways healthcare might change, we asked them what they think will stay the same over the next 10 years.
For the most part, the leaders all said they expected humans to remain an important part of healthcare even as the use of technology becomes more prevalent.

Business Insider recently profiled 30 health-tech leaders under 40 who are trying to upend the healthcare system, from eliminating the hassle of going to a pharmacy to making healthcare easier to use and more affordable.

But amid discussion about all that’s going to change, we asked them to take a step back and think about what’s actually going to stay the same over the next decade. It’s a question Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said he likes to ask himself when thinking about the future of the e-commerce giant.

The health-tech leaders we spoke with all agreed that the healthcare system as we know it isn’t likely to go away entirely.

“All of us in some aspect of our lives are going to be patients and in some way may need to interact with the healthcare system,” Dr. Veena Jones, a pediatric hospitalist at Sutter Health’s Palo Alto Medical Foundation and medical director, told Business Insider.

That is, people will always need care and medication. And a fair amount of healthcare, the leaders said, will still involve humans. At the same time, healthcare frustrations such as high costs aren’t likely to go anywhere.

Humans in healthcare

While technology is making healthcare cheaper and easier to use — from Alexa-like assistants for doctors to software that can warn doctors which patients are more likely to fall— health-tech leaders were adamant …read more

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