There are a number of different theories about why people are afraid of spiders
Research has shown that spider fear could be related to childhood trauma or genetics.
Being afraid of spiders might also be a cultural phenomenon.

Fear of spiders is incredibly common. Most of us avoid them when we can and squash them when we can’t. But why are spiders so much more disturbing than other bugs?

There are a few psychological and scientific theories about why so many people shudder at the sight of anything with eight legs. Here are some reasons why you might be afraid of spiders.

Some researchers think you might be scared of spiders due to something called “spider trauma.”

Can you remember the first time you were ever afraid of a spider? Turns out, that first fright could have had a lasting impact on you.

One study out of the University of Maastricht found that something called “spider trauma” could be at the root of arachnophobia. Spider trauma refers to a scary, spider-related event that conditions an individual to fear arachnids. This traumatic event is often thought to occur during childhood and may even be forgotten by the person, while the fear of spiders persists.

According to researchers, children who were highly fearful of spiders reported more scary experiences with the critters than kids who weren’t as afraid of spiders.

The kids in the study also reported that spiders were their top fear, with kidnapping and predators coming in second and third, respectively.

Another theory is that your fear of spiders could be genetic.

If you asked most people what scares them about household spiders, they probably wouldn’t say it was the fear of a fatal bite. Everyday Health reports that out of the 40,000 species of spiders, only a few …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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